Making art journal pages during difficult times


“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

Pablo Picasso

For me art making is a form of meditation and therapy, especially during difficult times.

And making art journal pages is usually my go to form of art.

I love to create records of my everyday life and travels.

But I also make art journal pages to express my feelings and communicate values and ideas that move me.

I wrote the following words during the pandemic.

It was April 13th, 2020, I too was in lockdown and tired of how confusing the situation was, so I made art to send hope and inspire people around me, to let them know they were not alone. As all I could do is pray and send love and peace vibes.

“Sometimes things can seem difficult, and we may get a little lost with all the news and opinions..

This page is dedicated to you…

To you when the world is heavy on your shoulders, to you when colors lose some of their luster.. some love and hope from me to you
Stay healthy 🙏🏼”

To you when the world is heavy on your shoulders

The making of this page in the following video! 🥰

قد تبدو الأمور صعبة في بعض الأحيان، وقد نتوه قليلا وسط كمّ المعلومات وكثرة القيل والقال.. هذه الصفحة إهداء لك”
لك حين يثقل العالم على كتفيك، لك حين تفقد الألوان بعضا من رونقها.. بعض الحب والأمل مني لك
“🙏🏼 دمتم سالمين

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