It’s ok to make mistakes

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Back in March 2021, I went hiking in a beautiful valley in the Moroccan high Atlas mountain called Ait Bouguemaz or the happy valley.

It’s not the first time I hike there, it’s one of my favorite valleys in the country, the scenery is mesmerizing and inspiring. It’s a beautiful mixture of green, blue and earthy colors.

Usually I go there during the months of September and October to enjoy freshly gathered apples.. and they are the best!

Back home, I decided to recreate my hiking experience through abstract paintings using watercolors and inks.

I especially needed to reflect on the colors and how they mixed together.

Green fields against the red rocky hills, cottony white clouds mirroring the white snowy mountains tops and a blue sky reflected on the flowing river water.

I had to put the experience on paper and capture the moment.

Whenever I go on hiking trips, I come back home full of inspiration and a need to artistically recreate my experience in nature through painting and travel journals.

But very often I find myself piling up ideas and to-do lists without ever getting to the execution stage.

Yet when I force myself and make something, it very often feels like an assignment and I don’t really enjoy the creative process.

But lately as I reflected on it, I found that my biggest problem is fear.

Fear of messing out, fear of making mistakes and ruining things. And it’s paralyzing sometimes.

It leaves me with a lot of unfinished projects and all the frustration that comes with that.

… And it’s silly because as an artist I need to experiment and make mistakes to learn, I need to mess out to understand how a medium works or what my artistic preferences are.

Making mistakes is the most important part of finding my artistic voice.

So the past 6 months I started a sketchbook journal, where I recorded my daily life and where I practiced drawing and painting. And although the sketchbook I chose was not really right for that (which was a lesson as well on how to choose a sketchbook) I enjoyed the experience so much.

I still have those reluctant moments but I am now capable of brushing them off and diving in.

And that’s what I did for this trip as well.

you can see here the page I created after I was back from my hiking trip.

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